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At Vogui Group, we help companies answer the toughest questions in management, workforce, compliance and risk. We are a team of experts helping companies make a positive demonstrable impact and keep track of what is important.


To be a partner of choice in the growth of companies and institutions in Africa and a trusted advisor in helping  navigate the regulatory, environmental and social challenges


Enable our clients to operate successfully and sustainably within their regions, and empower the African workforce to compete locally and globally


Commitment to delivery and transparency


Commitment to local  development


Commitment to sustainable solutions


In Africa, there is an emerging working class driven to rise the social ladder, aspire for a better quality of life, improve the environment and positively impact everything within their reach.


However, uncertainty in situational awareness of the business environment is one of the major obstacles to success. Many companies operate with a limited field of view within their region.

In this context, VOGUI GROUP was founded to enable businesses effectively and efficiently operate within their space, and stay focus on their target.

Image by Markus Spiske
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